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ELLE: Now you can achieve the best anti-aging results at home too
Roll your way to youthful skin at home now: With the innovative Dermaroller.
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Maxi: Beauty Product Tests for a Natural and Radiant Look
Unlock Beauty Secrets! Discover the products tested by the MAXI magazine editorial team to achieve a natural look and feel confident from within.
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Service-Seiten Gesundheit: Dermaroller Supports Children's Hospital on the Bult
Social commitment and medical support: Discover how Dermaroller is supporting the Children's Hospital on the Bult and acting as an ambassador for children's health.
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Stadtglanz: From Wolfenbüttel to Global Player - The Success Story of a Cosmetics Company
Success, Sustainability, and Medical Innovations - Discover the journey of a cosmetics company from Wolfenbüttel to becoming a global player, captivating people worldwide.
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DISKURS Dermatology: Microneedling - Versatile and High-Quality Treatment Method
Explore the next generation of microneedling in DISKURS Dermatology: The XCellarisPro Twist by Dermaroller - minimally invasive, effective, and safe
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Maxi: Latest Beauty Trends and Products Overview
Discover the latest beauty news in Maxi Magazine: Spermidine as an anti-aging miracle, Haircycling as the new hair trend, and effective skincare with the Dermaroller HC902
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Stadtglanz: Basketball Löwen & Dermaroller: Successful Sports Sponsorship
Michael Tomerius, the CEO of Dermaroller GmbH, believes in the positive impact of sports sponsorship and praises the involvement of the Basketball Löwen Braunschweig.
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RegionalHeute: Wolfenbütteler Dermaroller GmbH Donates to Children's Hospital
The Wolfenbütteler Dermaroller GmbH made a donation of €2,000 to the Children's Hospital auf der Bult in Hannover.
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MensHealth: Bartrollers for Hair Growth - What You Need to Know
Learn on MensHealth how bartrollers stimulate hair growth and improve small gaps or bald spots in your beard.
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Dermaroller: High-quality Microneedling Products Recommended by Apo Direkt
Discover the high-quality Microneedling products recommended by Apo Direkt. Enhance your skin texture effectively and reliably with these premium Dermaroller products.
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