Who are we?

Pioneer of microneedling and mastermind of modern skin care concepts

Since 1999, we have been taking care of the skin and its individual needs. Medically sound, innovative in development and an effective interaction between our original microneedling roller and highly effective ingredients - this is what we demand of ourselves and all our products. With the Dermaroller, we have invented a beauty tool that allows our corresponding Skin Care to unfold with pinpoint accuracy in the skin. This is made possible by the 162 tiny and precisely arranged stainless steel microneedles that hit the skin at a 90 degree angle, preparing the skin for optimal absorption of active ingredients.

Patented, certified and the original. Everything made in Germany, because Wolfenbüttel is still the headquarters, development and production site of our family-owned company. From here, we have been providing visible results and a completely new skin feeling with our well-founded expertise in care and beauty for 20 years now. Everything for our skin. It deserves to feel good in it. Skin is our mission. We know its different needs and what is important for each skin type. That's why we have developed different care concepts and are always researching new ways. That's what we work on - every day. For visible results.

Our way

Dermaroller GmbH stands for competence and innovation in medical technology. Founded in 1999 as a sole proprietorship, the GmbH was incorporated into Taranis GmbH in 2019, whose managing director Michael Tomerius has many years of international experience in medical technology and gives the company new impetus. The production of microneedling products takes place in the Dermaroller GmbH, while mi.to.pharm GmbH is responsible for sales. With the foundation of mi.to.pharm international and the mi.to.pharm americas Corp. located under it, the American market will also be approached in the near future.

The company's products are already distributed in about 50 countries exclusively by authorized contractual partners. In Germany, the company sells its medical products directly to users. The quality management of Dermaroller GmbH is certified according to ISO 13485. The production of medical devices with microneedles has been certified according to Annex V of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. Dermaroller therapy, internationally known as microneedling or medical needling, is one of the most successful minimally invasive treatment concepts for improving the appearance of the skin - especially for scars of all kinds. Other treatment fields are: Wrinkles, pigment disorders, sun damage to the skin and stretch marks. With the Dermaroller MC (Medical Care) and the eDermastamp, the company is addressing dermatologists and plastic surgeons. The Home Care series with the short-needle Dermaroller HC (Home Care) and the Beauty Mouse was developed for the end consumer.

The cosmetic lines New Natural Line, Tympacur and XCellarisPRO offer an ideal complement. The company's success is also demonstrated by the many awards it has received: The Dermaroller, for example, was voted "Product of the Year 2013" by the renowned trade magazine "Aesthetic Dermatology." The company was also awarded "The Aesthetics Awards, treatment of the year - Winner 2013-2014" and the "Pinnel Award, best product innovation". Numerous awards have also been received for the rapid growth of the company. Dermaroller GmbH was named "Europe's Fastest Growing Companies 2020" by FOCUS magazine in collaboration with statista. The Financal Times and statista also gave the GmbH this award once again.

Founding of H.Liebl ets in Frankreich
Patent application Dermaroller
Certification according to ISO 9001:2000
Founding of Dermaroller SarL
Founding of Dermaroller Sarl Deutschland, CEO M. Tomerius
Certification according to ISO 13485, M.Tomerius
Founding of Dermaroller GmbH
Introduction of the eDermastamp and the CIT Solution
Introduction of New Natural Line Skin Care
Resignation of GF H.Liebl
Takeover of the Dermaroller GmbH by the mi.to.pharm GmbH
Founding of TARANIS Holding
Founding of mi.to.pharm Asia Pacific Ltd.
mi.to.pharm americas Corp.
Holding Structure
Holding structure



Needleroller No. 10063634

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eDermastamp Nr. 17493851

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