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Helena L.

I love the way it feels on my skin! But I would prefer glass packaging.

Jannik T.

For me, the best hyaluronic acid on the market.

Merle D.

I used to use the ampoules from Dermaroller, but I find this dispenser much more practical. The hyaluronic acid is just as moisturizing.

Melissa C.

Very good set of individual ampoules and the included roller. I really have the feeling that the active ingredients in the ampoules can be better absorbed by my skin after microneedling.

Lisette F.

I really like the Dermaroller products especially the ones in this set and they work great, but why are the masks so complicated to unfold?

Jana N.

Both great, my skin always feels really plump and glows after using the masks and ampoules.

Sarah-Lena F.

I will always buy this again.

Bruno C.

I already know the masks and ampoules and think it's great that both are now available as a discounted set!

Luisa E.

The ampoules are especially nice on the skin together with the microneedling and provide a lot of moisture. I just think it's too bad that they come in plastic packaging.

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