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The Science behind our Hair Growth Products

In a study over 16 weeks, the effectiveness of our combination of Dermaroller, Hair Lotion and Hair Treatment was tested and clinically proven.

It was proven that our products stimulate hair growth and make the hair stronger and more voluminous. From the study, the following average values were obtained:
• + 22,000 hairs (in total on the head)
• 22% increased hair density
• 18.9% stronger hair
• 19.9% more voluminous hair.

Additionally, our products were awarded with very good skin tolerance and are suitable for all skin types.


Study Methods
The results of the study were determined using 3 methods. Firstly, progress was documented with photos. Digital recordings of the test subjects were made on Day 0, Day 56, and Day 112. Secondly, TrichoScan® images were taken at the same time. TrichoScan® is a computer-assisted method that provides information about hair count and hair density through high-resolution images of the scalp. Furthermore, a dermatological assessment was conducted to test skin tolerance.


What's Behind Our Products for Hair Growth?
Our hair growth products combine microneedling with highly effective ingredients from our Hair Lotion and Hair Treatment.

Through microneedling with the Original Dermaroller, the skin is punctured with 0.20 mm long stainless steel needles, stimulating blood circulation and allowing the active ingredients from the Hair Lotion and Hair Treatment to be better absorbed by the skin. As the inventors of microneedling, we manufacture each Dermaroller with precise craftsmanship and under strict quality control in Germany.

Our Hair Lotion and Hair Treatment are specially designed to be used after microneedling with the Original Homecare Dermaroller. They provide the hair with the nutrients it needs to grow healthier and fuller.

Ingredients include, among others, azelaic acid, copper tripeptide, and Serenoa serrulata fruit extract to stimulate hair follicles and hair growth. Vitamin B6 promotes hair follicle function. Caffeine regulates sebum production and promotes hair growth, while biotin and niacin support a healthy metabolism, blood circulation, and skin nourishment, strengthening the hair and increasing hair density.

How are the Hair Growth Products Used?
To achieve optimal results, the following application is recommended: Start with one application of the Dermaroller per week and increase this to 2 - 3 applications per week. The Dermaroller is best used in the evening.

The Hair Lotion is applied daily, either after microneedling or alone.

Additionally, once a week, the Hair Treatment is applied after microneedling with the Dermaroller. The Hair Treatment contains a total of 8 ampoules. 4 ampoules contain the Hair Repair Serum and 4 contain the Skin Rejuvenation Vitamin. The ampoules of the Hair Treatments are alternated: Hair Repair is used in the first week, followed by Skin Rejuvenation Vitamin in the following week.

Learn here how to correctly use the Dermaroller.

Conclusion: Stimulating Hair Growth with Dermaroller
The study results confirm that the combination of Dermaroller, Hair Lotion, and Hair Treatment stimulates hair growth, increases hair density, and strengthens the scalp. Hair roots are better supplied with nutrients, resulting in thicker and stronger hair.

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