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Optimal Needle Length for Microneedling: Why 0.2 mm are sufficient

Microneedling is a revolutionary skincare method that is gaining popularity. Tiny needles are used to create microscopic injuries on the skin, which in turn stimulates natural regeneration and collagen production. When choosing the right Dermaroller, the length of the needles is crucial for the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. In this article, you will learn why 0.2mm needles of the Original Dermaroller are optimal for microneedling at home and why longer needles should only be used by trained professionals.

Why is the needle length important?
The length of the needles determines how deeply they penetrate the skin and thus which layers of the skin are reached. For the treatment of various skin problems such as acne, fine lines, and pigment disorders, it is important to choose the right needle length to achieve optimal results without excessively stressing or damaging the skin.

Why are 0.2mm needles sufficient?
0.2mm needles are ideal for home use with a Dermaroller. They penetrate only superficially into the skin but still reach the upper layers of the epidermis. This needle length is sufficient to improve the complexion, promote blood circulation, and increase the absorption of active ingredients from skincare products like highly concentrated hyaluronic acid without excessively irritating or injuring the skin.

Safety and Comfort for Microneedling at Home
Another important aspect of 0.2 mm long needles is their safety and the associated comfort for microneedling at home. Needles longer than 0.25 mm are considered as medical products and should only be used by trained professionals. From this needle length, there is a high risk of cross-contamination during home use, meaning that unwanted bacteria and viruses are transferred to the skin and cause skin reactions and infections. As the inventor of microneedling, we see it as our responsibility to protect our customers and offer a safe Dermaroller with 0.2 mm needles. In addition, unlike rollers with longer needles, our Dermaroller causes hardly any pain or unwanted side effects such as redness or skin irritation. This makes it ideal for regular microneedling at home to achieve long-term results without requiring a visit to a professional beauty salon or medical professional.

When are longer needles necessary?
Longer needles, as used by cosmetologists and doctors, are suitable for more specific treatments and deeper skin problems. They may be necessary to treat deeper scars or more serious skin conditions such as deep wrinkles or stretch marks. However, the use of longer needles requires expertise and experience to minimize potential risks and achieve optimal results.

Overall, the Original Dermaroller with 0.2mm needles offers an effective and safe option for microneedling treatments at home. They are ideal for treating a variety of skin problems and allow users to improve their skincare routine at home. However, for more serious skin problems which require using longer needles, it is advisable to consult a a qualified professional for professional advice and treatment.

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