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Beauty Mouse Set

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The Beauty Mouse by Dermaroller is a microneedling tool specifically designed to treat common problem areas such as the abdomen, thighs and bottom. With 0.2 mm stainless steel needles, the Beauty Mouse promotes skin circulation and can provide smoother and firmer skin. Microneedling can increase the absorption of active ingredients in skin care products.

Description & Features
Complete Solution: Beauty Mouse + Roller Cleaner Set

Quality from Germany

As the inventor of microneedling, we manufacture every Beauty Mouse in Germany with precise craftsmanship and under the strictest quality control. A total of three roller heads and 396 atraumatic stainless steel needles with a length of 0.2 mm enable safe and effective application for radiantly beautiful skin. The Beauty Mouse can be used up to 50 times.

Cellulite Be Gone: Dermaroller Beauty Mouse Benefits

Microneedling for firm skin

Microneedling is a method that can stimulate the skin's natural regeneration processes. Using the Beauty Mouse creates fine micro-punctures in the skin, which stimulates blood circulation and removes dead skin cells. This increases the effectiveness of our Anti Cellulite Cream. It also makes the skin appear smoother and refines the complexion. This improves the overall appearance of the skin. Never use the Beauty Mouse and the Anti Cellulite Cream directly one after the other, but wait 15-20 minutes after the microneedling and then apply the Anti Cellulite Cream.

CE Certified

Precision Needle Arrangement

Gentle Skin Puncture

Product Details


Area of application: Arms, abdomen, thighs, bottom
Needle length: 0.2 mm
Skin need: Refining, smoothing
Skin type: Normal skin


Dermaroller Beauty Mouse

'- Creates a clear, purer complexion

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Can smooth the skin
  • Promotes blood circulation in the skin
  • The original product with the best needle quality - Made in Germany
  • Useful life: 50 applications with proper care

Roller Cleaner

  • Cleans the roller heads of the Beauty Mouse
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Inhibits the development of microorganisms


The correct application of the Beauty Mouse is crucial for a good result. You should start with one application per week and can slowly increase this to 5 applications per week. The Beauty Mouse is best used in the evening.

  1. Cleanse the skin:
    Before using the Beauty Mouse, it is essential to thoroughly cleanse the skin to be treated to prevent bacteria from penetrating the top layer of skin. We recommend the New Natural Line Skin Cleanser for this.

  2. Star-shaped application:
    Roll the Beauty Mouse over the skin with light pressure. Roll vertically, horizontally and diagonally over the skin approx. 2-3 times. Lift the Beauty Mouse before each change of direction.

  3. Clean the Beauty Mouse:
    Clean the rollers of the Beauty Mouse carefully after use with the New Natural Line Roller Cleaner to prepare it for the next time. Allow the rollers to dry and store the Beauty Mouse safely.

  4. Application of care products:
    Allow around 10 to 15 minutes to pass after the treatment so that the skin can recover properly. Then apply a care product that is suitable for use after microneedling. Dermaroller products with hyaluronic acid, such as hyaluronic acid ampoules, are particularly suitable. They moisturize the skin and stimulate collagen production.

You will achieve the best results if you wait 15-20 minutes after the microneedling and then apply our Anti-Cellulite Cream.


RollerCleaner: Aqua, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbitol, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Chlorhexidine Digluconate, PEG7 Glyceryl Cocoate


The skin's elasticity decreases as we get older or due to genetic predisposition. The result is often unsightly "dents" on abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Women in particular often suffer from cellulite. This is sometimes in the genes. Women have more subcutaneous fatty tissue and their collagen fibers in the connective tissue run parallel to each other. This allows the skin to stretch more easily, during pregnancy for example. Congenital connective tissue weakness or high estrogen levels favor the appearance of small dents as well. Dermaroller Beauty Mouse has been developed specifically for these problem zones. Its tiny microneedles penetrate the top skin layer, thus promotes superficial blood circulation to the skin. The appearance of cellulite can be improved. With its 396 microneedles on three roller heads, Dermaroller Beauty Mouse is especially suited for the treatment of larger skin areas. Its microneedles have a length of just 0.2 millimetres, so the application is virtually painfree. Depending on the skin's texture, you can feel the effects of using the Dermaroller Beauty Mouse within just a few weeks and see how much smoother and healthier the skin will appear. Dermaroller Beauty Mouse can be used by the same person multiple times, since the short microneedles only penetrate into the top skin layer without blood contact. Regular and thorough cleansing after each application is mandatory for repeated use. Otherwise, a hygienic application can not be ensured, thus leading to skin irritations or inflammation. Dermaroller has developed Roller Cleaner specifically for this purpose. This is simply sprayed onto the roller head after cleaning.