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Treating Hair Loss: Quickly and Easily with Microneedling at Home

Whether it's a receding hairline, alopecia in women or uneven beard growth in men – hair loss has various causes and can be a significant burden for many people. Fortunately, there are numerous treatment options available that can stimulate hair growth and stop hair loss. A promising method that is gaining popularity is microneedling with a Dermaroller, which can also be done at home. But how effective is microneedling at home really and what results can be achieved with it?

Products for Hair Loss: Hair Lotion, Hair Treatment, and Dermaroller
When it comes to treating hair loss, the right skincare products play a crucial role. A powerful solution against hair loss is the combination of our Hair Lotion, Hair Treatment and the handcrafted Original Dermaroller. The effect is clinically proven: On average, 22% more hair grows on the treated areas. Hair is up to 62% more voluminous and stronger. Thanks to the effective ingredients, the hair roots are optimally supplied with nutrients.¹

Our Hair Lotion is an innovative formula designed to accelerate hair growth and strengthen the scalp. Enriched with high-quality ingredients like biotin, caffeine, and ginseng, it provides intensive care that strengthens the hair and gives it vitality.

The Hair Treatment is a professional 8-week treatment that delivers the vitamins and nutrients necessary for healthy hair growth. It contains a unique formula of valuable ingredients such as caffeine, taurine, essential amino acids, and B vitamins, which strengthen and revitalize the hair.

The Original Dermaroller is the essential tool for microneedling at home to stimulate hair growth. With its fine needles, it stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and can increase the absorption of the active ingredients from the Hair Lotion and Hair Treatment.

Testimonial: Jasmin on her Success against Alopecia with the Original Dermaroller
One of our customers, Jasmin, shared her positive experiences with microneedling for hair loss. She suffers from alopecia, also known as circular hair loss, and was searching for an effective treatment method.

Jasmin says: "Since I have been using the Dermaroller together with the Hair Lotion and Hair Treatment, I have noticed significant improvements in my hair growth. After about 2 months, new hair has grown back in the bald patches. Before that, I used various hair products and also went to the doctor, but nothing worked in the long term. Microneedling has definitely helped the active ingredients in the care products to be better absorbed by my scalp, which has stimulated hair growth."

Conclusion: Microneedling at Home - An Effective Method Against Hair Loss
Jasmin's experiences demonstrate that microneedling at home with a Dermaroller can be an effective method to treat hair loss and promote hair growth. In combination with high-quality skincare products like our Hair Lotion and Hair Treatment, this treatment method can achieve impressive results. If you also suffer from hair loss and are looking for an effective solution, microneedling with the Original Dermaroller could be the right choice for you. Discover our products today and start your journey to healthy and strong hair!

¹ Effect clinically proven: DERMATEST GmbH. Medical specialist, dermatological report on a clinical-dermatological application study over 16 weeks. 2024, No. 2308112762.

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