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Jasmin R.

The best mask for me.

Yuan Z.

The mask is very moisturising and contains a lot of essence. I can basically apply it for about 30 minutes without the mask drying out. The mask has a very visible brightening effect. I should buy it again after I've used it up as it is highly recommendable. very good!

Mengxue S.

Feedback came after three months of use. When the skin condition is not very good, especially when the skin is very dry in the change of seasons, it is really good to use a mask. Next time I get a discount, I will buy a few more.

Jacqueline B.

Great product, provides relaxation after a stressful day, gives a lot of elasticity and moisture. Once a week is completely sufficient. My face feels very firm for several days. My husband is also very pleased with it, his dry skin has recovered significantly.

Yan W.

Great product! absorbs quickly! I am very satisfied and can recommend it to others

Xi S.

Very good mask

Qian W.

I really like this mask. They are expensive but very good for dry skin. After using this mask, my skin is immediately soothed. And it's easy to apply foundation afterwards. I want to buy it again when I have used up the ten masks. This brand is also well known among my friends.

Anita B.

I prefer to use the masks before special occasions because they provide long-lasting moisture and make my skin look extra good. My favourite sheet masks so far.

Manuela L.

The masks are soaked with a lot of liquid when you take them out of the packaging. This can also be applied to the neck and décolleté. I think the effect on the skin is good, but they could be a little more perfumed.

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