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Naomi R.

A little complicated to use (the mask is wrapped in 2 layers), but very effective. Pleasant feeling on the skin and the skin is very plump and glows after application. I would recommend leaving it on the skin for 30 minutes.

Yuan Z.

The mask is very moisturizing and contains a lot of essence. I can basically apply it for about 30 minutes at a time without the mask drying out. The mask has a very visible brightening effect. I should buy it again after using it as it comes highly recommended. very good!

Larissa H.

Simply the best mask. No other has as much ingredients.

Erik S.

Good mask, good effect but the face cut-out doesn't fit and I'm not a fan of the smell

Laura B.

Best mask! I don't need to say any more.

Josy R.

I've only heard good things about this mask so far and can only agree. One of the most moisturizing masks out there. However, I don't like the packaging so much and that also counts for me in the rating. Therefore 4 stars.

Ulrike F.-G.

The mask has become a real Sunday ritual for me. It is so pleasant on the skin when it comes directly out of the fridge. I will never go without it again.

Gina B.

Highly recommended :-) So far the best mask I have tested, both in terms of its effect and the way it feels on the skin.

Tanja C.

A real recommendation from ❤️. The mask is very highly saturated with serum and the skin is super moisturized afterwards. My skin feels smooth and plump.

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