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Hannah P.

The contained vitamin A makes this facial cream a great anti-ageing starter product for me. The pump dispenser is practical, but I don't like that the packaging is made of plastic. That's not very sustainable.

Ilona O.

The Lipopeptide with Vitamin A serum is a game-changer for my skin. It has improved the texture of my skin, and it looks much tighter and more youthful. I am very satisfied with this product!

Mia L.

I really like the serum; it makes my skin soft and improves its firmness. However, the price is quite high. I'm not sure yet if I will repurchase, but the results so far are very good.

Silke O.

This Lipopeptide Serum with Vitamin A is fantastic! It has helped my skin regenerate overnight, and I wake up with a radiant complexion. Combining it with the Dermaroller is a real win for my skincare routine.

Jörg I.

The serum feels good on the skin and absorbs quickly. I've noticed an improvement in my skin texture, but it took a few weeks to really see results. Overall, I'm satisfied.

Markus J.

I am really impressed by the effects of this serum. My skin looks much tighter and healthier, and I feel like the lines and wrinkles are less visible. Especially after using it with the Dermaroller, the results are impressive.

Kathy D.

The Lipopeptide with Vitamin A serum is a great addition to my evening routine. I've noticed an improvement in my skin's elasticity, and it feels overall tighter.

Jasmin T.

I got you cream in the set. Since I already have a routine for years, I tried the cream only a few weeks later. I have extremely dry skin it is good for exactly that. However, I would recommend applying it in the evening as it is quite rich.

Maria K.

The Lipopeptide night care has evened out my skin tone and brightened my skin. I now receive compliments on my radiant appearance!

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