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Laura F.

At first, I was unsure how to properly use the dermaroller, but it was much easier than expected. The instructions were clear and after a few tries, it felt completely natural. Didn't hurt, felt a little prickly.

Leonie W.

I've always been scared of needles and was skeptical if I could even use the dermaroller. But after the first application, the fear was gone. It's not painful at all and the results are worth it.

Markus S.

Having heard about the stimulation of hair growth through microneedling, I wanted to try the dermaroller for my hair. After about 6 weeks of use, I actually notice that my hair seems to be denser in the treated areas. I'm curious to see how it continues and hope for even better results.

Katharina L.

I've been battling acne scars since my teenage years. The dermaroller has helped me tackle this challenge. After several months of regular use, my scars are significantly less visible. I feel more confident and am pleased with the improved skin texture.

Daniela F.


Lisa S.

I tried the dermaroller for my hair. After about 6 weeks of use, my hair seems denser. Excited for further results...

Julia W.

Easy to use and very effective. My skin has never looked so good.

Michael F.

The dermaroller does its job, but the design isn't the prettiest on the market

Anna M.

I'm absolutely thrilled with this dermaroller! My skin feels tighter and fresher after each use. Highly recommend!

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