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H. Özdemir

The dermaroller itself is really high quality and can easily keep up with even more expensive products in the dermaroller category. You can tell as soon as you unpack it that it is made in Germany and not from China like other manufacturers. So far I am very satisfied with the dermaroller. Unfortunately, I have one drawback: it could do with a little more disinfection, but on the whole I'm very happy with it.

Paul K.-E.

The Dermaroller is good, you can feel the quality of the needles. Only the handle is not so pretty.
I had a question about my order - the customer support was great!

Clara T.

I spent a long time researching the optimum needle length and number for Dermaroller. The Original Dermaroller sounded very promising to me and I am very satisfied. I use the roller together with the hyaluronic acid and the sheet masks

Kai H.

I use the roller because I have the feeling that my hyaluronic serum can be better absorbed by the skin and works much better. I thought about it for a while because I don't like the design, but in the end it's the needle quality and the effect that counts! It's definitely great! Highly recommended!

Elise L.

The handle is made out of plastic...

Erna G.

I like the Dermaroller. It doesn't hurt as much as other rollers and my skin is hardly reddened. Thumbs up!

Anita B.

I buy it since 2010. Great product, great company.

Eva T.

For the price the roller should be much nicer.

Maria H.

Good quality and my skin feels better.

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