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Diana Maier

I have tried these ampoules and am impressed. My skin feels very good and refreshed afterwards. For me, a clear recommendation to buy.

Sonja B.

The serum from these ampoules is very pleasant on the skin and provides super long-lasting moisture. Significantly longer than any hyaluronic acid from the drugstore. However, this also comes at a price.

Fee M.

Great ampoules. I love the consistency and that they provide moisture for so long. A super hydrating treatment for the skin. I particularly like this little set for traveling.

Paul E.

The skin feels really good after using the ampoules. I will buy the 30 pack.

Tina R.

The texture is pleasant and absorbs quickly into the skin without being sticky. After just a short time, my skin feels plumper and smoother. I am absolutely amazed and will definitely continue to use it.

Heike J.

I love the Dermaroller Hyaluron Ampoules. They are super easy to apply, and my skin always looks fantastic afterward. I highly recommend them!

Julia Z.

The Dermaroller Hyaluron Ampoules are a real game-changer for my skin! It feels so hydrated and plump after each application. I love this product!

Paula H.

After just one week, I'm already seeing results. I already ordered the bigger package.

Anna Lena P.

The ampoules are good. You can just open them and they do what they promise. The best effect was after microneedling. I always apply them in the evening before sleeping and in the morning my face looks much fresher.

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