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Julius C.

I can already see how the lotion works after 6 weeks! The application is very simple. I use it together with the Dermaroller and the Hair Treatment. I am amazed! 😁

Kim W.

I am growing significantly more thick hair than before and the bald patches on my head are no longer so visible. However, I was only able to achieve really visible results after 2 months. You need a lot of patience and persistence, but then it's worth it.

Annika H.

I am already buying my third pack. My hair loss has been very frustrating for me. Now I'm finally growing more and, above all, healthy and strong hair again. Just as I had hoped.

Veronica L.

I only started using the lotion 1.5 weeks ago and can't say much about its effect yet, but it's very easy to use with the pipette and the lotion smells good.

Jannes O.

My hair has definitely grown thicker and the individual hairs are now stronger and healthier. I have been using the lotion with the treatment and the dermaroller for about 14 weeks now.

Iris E.

The effect is very good. I have been suffering from hair loss and thinning hair for a long time. Daily use has made my hair fuller and stronger again. ☺️

Dennis S.

I bought it for my beard, and needled in between. My beard looks a bit fuller now.

Lauris F.

It is not a miracle product, but my hair already feels thicker after 4 weeks of daily use. The only downside is that the product smells a bit medicinal.

Walter B.

Been using it for a couple of weeks. Haven't seen major changes, but my scalp feels healthier. Will continue and see.

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