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Sophie W.

I've tried many serums, but the combination of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in this product is unbeatable. My skin looks fresher and fine lines are reduced. Only the price could be a bit more friendly.

Maxime K.

The serum is a tad unconventional as it resembles more of a cream. It blends into the skin gracefully and boasts a mild fragrance that isn't overly off-putting. I apply this serum prior to my daily moisturizer since it renders my skin supple and primed for makeup. My skin seems more vibrant and well-hydrated. However, I haven't discerned much enhancement in the fine lines around my eyes.

Filippa P.

The texture is somewhat reminiscent of a light facial lotion, though it's a tad more fluid than most. It sinks into the skin effortlessly and doesn't leave a greasy residue. The fragrance isn't particularly appealing, but it dissipates quickly, which instills confidence that it isn't laden with numerous synthetic fragrances.
On the whole, I've encountered no issues using this cream over the past fortnight. My skin has responded positively, even if I haven't noticed significant changes in its overall look. I'm aware that persistence is crucial in any skincare regimen, and I can vouch for its beneficial ingredients, so I'll continue incorporating it into my routine.

Erik S.

The day care from Dermaroller has brightened my complexion. In particular, the Hyal C Vitamin C serum is amazing. It gives my skin a natural radiance and makes it appear more youthful.

Max P.

The Hyal C Serum of the New Natural Line has worked wonders for my tired eyes. It reduces puffiness and dark circles, and I immediately look more awake and fresh.

Anna S.

I have tried many skincare products, but the New Natural Line has truly convinced me. The Hyal C Moisture Serum is so lightweight and absorbs quickly. My skin feels hydrated and smooth all day long.

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